Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Jesus Woke Up! - by Brad

Like so many other blogs the day after Christmas, we too are posting pictures with a recap of the holiday weekend.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Seattle to celebrate Christmas with the Posenjak's. Here are a couple pictures of the boys opening their presents... Elliott with Exo-force Legos and Wesley with Curious George paraphernalia...

This is our niece Jessie. It must have been the holiday season, but her name didn't quite click for Wesley. Sunday morning when Toby brought Jessie out of her bed, Wesley said, "Baby Jesus wake up!" He affectionately called her baby Jesus several times.

We drove back to Wenatchee Christmas morning (we did find a Starbucks for Lindsey in Monroe). We opened our presents at home and then went to the Krueger's house to spend time with Lindsey's family. Here Wesley was just chillin' out before we got around to presents.

Then we experienced, as Toby coined the phrase, "the traditional post-present letdown time of grumpiness."

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Oh, The Day - by Brad

Oh, the day.
Oh, the day that our BOYS will be able to shovel the driveway.

We got another six inches of snow last night. So far this winter we have had about 18 inches of snow here. Luckily each pile-up pretty much melts (or compacts into ice) before the next storm comes through.

And now we are off to Seattle for Christmas eve with the Posenjak side of the family and then we will return early Christmas morning to spend the day with Lindsey's side.


[That was me being festive]

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great With Child - by Brad

There was a request on a recent post to include pictures of Lindsey... especially in her 9th month! I made several attempts to collect photographs, of which only a few survived. Hopefully I do not face any wrath from the following.

This is a picture I took over a month ago (lest you be deceived by the current belly size)...

This must have been taken yesterday because it appears that Lindsey is helping me finish off my last minute office Christmas presents...

And finally, this was taken just moments ago while she was preparing for our church youth group Christmas party that we are having here tonight. Doesn't she look good in the kitchen? [I am probably going to hear about that comment later]

Hopefully I didn't say too much so I will live to see another blog.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taco Talk - by Brad

This post really belongs to Lindsey. She emailed me this around 4:00 yesterday before I came home from work.

Lindsey to Elliott: "What would you like for dinner?"

Elliott: "I want tacos for dinner."

Lindsey: "Sure, we can make that."

Elliott: "Or Daddy could just go to Taco Bell."

Lindsey (skeptically): “I guess you could ask him when he gets home.”

Elliott: “I think he will, daddy always does all the things I want him to do.”

I learned something about how my 4 year old son sees me last night.
By the way... we had home-made tacos for dinner.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Seasonings - by Brad

Last weekend, we went out and got our Christmas tree... which reminds me I need to water it right now before I forget... I'll be right back...
Okay, I'm back now. Anyway, we took a few pictures while we put the decorations on. This was Lindsey's favorite of Elliott...

The boys, in one of those rare moments where Elliott has his hands around Wesley's neck and Wesley is still smiling.

Wesley (looking much older than he does in real life).

And finally, Wes and I at the top of our ladder putting up the star topper.

On another note, my sister is coming back from Papua New Guinea on Friday for six months. This is the first time in 3 years that she has in the U.S. for Christmas. It will be fun to have her around at Christmas... not to mention for Spencer's birth.

I actually enjoy the holiday season. I may not a big fan of Christmas music, but the rest of it is pretty good.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Really, It's Not A Scam - by Brad

I just read an article about how almost anyone who paid for long distance service can get an easy extra $30 - $60 from the IRS on your 2006 return... legally! I know this might sound like one of those weird scam e-mails you get saying that you are so special that the government wants to pay you for being you... but this comes straight from the IRS and it is definitely worth checking out.

Anyway, there has been a federal excise tax on your long distance phone bill that was ruled illegal. It has something to do with a tax initiated to fund the Spanish-American war, and for some reason it has changed forms to a phone excise tax. Through the courts, it was apparently ruled illegal, so the IRS is now giving refunds for this (wow, this really does sound like a scam).

I am not going to give any real tax advice here just in case you don't qualify for this and you end up getting in trouble (yup, sounds like a scam). However if you file form 1040 make sure you don't miss line 71. If you file form 1040A make sure you don't miss line 42. If you file form 1040EZ make sure you don't miss line 9. And as always, if you prepare your own forms, make sure you read the instructions.

I doubt that the IRS will highlight this credit or make it really easy to understand. Hopefully TurboTax will. Rest assured, this is not a scam, and I bet you will hear more about this as tax season starts.

[What a dorky blog... taxes?... come on P-jak, how 'bout something interesting]

Friday, December 01, 2006

Meet My Ancestors - by Brad

Well, I was playing around on Wikipedia today and I found some interesting stuff about my great-great-great-great grandfather. I have heard little things here and there about him, but it was interesting to see it in context. Again I use the term "interesting" because his character may not be one that I will try to imitate.


I am glad that I didn't get his looks (if I did, just let me think that I didn't). However, Wesley may have been blessed with the same scowl.

The inscription says, "He fought for the white people." Is that really a good thing for an indian chief?