Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wesley's 2nd... or is it 3rd? - by Brad

So, last night we celebrated Wesley's 2nd birthday.

It was actually his third birthday, but he is only two years old... you know, the 20th century is really the 1900's, blah blah blah etc...

...getting off my tangent... we had a Bob the Builder themed birthday. When I say "themed" I really mean a cake shaped like BTB's head, and Tonka toys strewn around the house.

Wesley received a light saber just like Elliott's, but blue. I am sure that these are going to be the cause of many bruises and fights to come.

So far, the birthday parties for our boys consist of our families. We enjoy NOT having 15 three year old's running all over the place and having to organize games and activities for everyone. It was an enjoyable evening with our families to celebrate Wesley life.

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