Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving - by Brad

Don't worry, this post doesn't have anything about "gifts," just ThanksGIVING. We went to Spokane to spend Thanksgiving with Lindsey's family. It was a nice relaxing couple days. It was also Wesley's birthday, but we are actually celebrating that this evening.

Wesley had fun showing off his newly found "Stinky Face" for everyone.

These are all of the grandkids on Lindsey's side.
Elliott, Ella, Eden, Wesley, and Amy Joy

Most of Elliott's posed pictures have a forced smile, but here, the kids were posing for a picture and instead of saying "cheese" the kids were asked to say "Star Wars!" It shows off his personality...

My favorite moment of Thanksgiving Day was the after-meal nap...

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Peaby said...'s amazing how much your boys grow in the few months between visits. Elliott looks like a 3rd grader...