Sunday, November 26, 2006

Real Snow! - by Brad

This morning we awoke to 3 inches of snow! It snowed all morning long and now we are at 5 inches! I guess this is technically the second time it has snowed, but the first one didn't really count.

After church this morning, Elliott and Wesley helped me shovel the driveway. Wesley didn't last very long because he REALLY doesn't like to be cold. However, Elliott and I shoveled and played for an hour and a half.

After we finished the driveway, Elliott and I built a snowman. This was our first real snowman. Wesley enjoyed watching from inside.

If we only had another person, we might have been able to have our Christmas card photo today. Oh well, maybe some other time.


Brazenlilly said...

How FUN! I'm so jealous. And that is a really classy looking man of snow, I might add. The pic of Wes looking at the two big boys is great. I'm glad you said he enjoyed watching, because without the description, I would have thought he was grounded or something. :)

Peaby said...

That's awesome...I am jealous too. Wish we could have been there for all the fun!

Brad said...

Mission Ridge is open now!

It looks like we're supposed to get more snow this afternoon!