Monday, November 06, 2006

Ebay - by Brad

We have purchased a few things off of Ebay over the last few years... and I'll admit that most of what we purchased was not as cool as we expected. Anyway, we recently decided that we should get on the other end of these auctions, so in the last past couple months we have SOLD a couple things on Ebay.

The first item we sold was a four year old VHS video camera that we bought to take videos of Elliott when he was born. We have hours of video of Elliott when he was a baby, but not so much of Wesley... I hear that is common with second (and third) children. When the auction was all said and done, we were pleasantly surprised with how much we got for it.

That went pretty smooth!

The next item we put up for auction was our five year old Canon Rebel film camera. We were satisfied for how much it sold for... however, we didn't get paid for it (don't worry, we didn't ship it either). The person who won the auction said that he lost his job THE DAY AFTER he won the auction. How convenient! After a few light email exchanges with him (it is a binding contract after all), I decided to relist the camera.

There were two hours left on the auction, and one bidder... let's call him "Bubba" for now... had a minimum bid outstanding. In the last hour, two other bidders had a little bidding war up. [Bubba did not win.] Right after the auction ended, the purchaser sent me an instant payment through Paypal. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised, and it all worked out for an extra $30!

However, I then received an email from Bubba saying... and I quote, "Is it a coincidence that like your name the guys that ran up the bid are also european names???"

It took me a second to understand his odd sentence structure, but I then realized that he was accusing me of cheating by running up my own bid! I was somewhat speechless, so I just replied, "Apparently so. Thanks for bidding!"

Then he sends me back another email that saying... and again I quote, "JEANDOBLY...........JERK."

I have no idea what this means (except for the jerk part), but I hope it's not derogatory since I posted it on my blog. Anyway, I wanted to send back another email explaining that HE was one being a jerk, but I decided to let it drop, so I didn't respond.

If Bubba happens to stumble across this blog when searching for my last name, I would like to know what you meant in your latter email.

Or... maybe I don't.


Peaby said...

That's crazy talk!


Well, I'm glad you got your 30 bucks. We've never tried the selling thing, but we've had good luck buying. (knock on wood). Got a nice little camera one time...

Brazenlilly said...

So, it sounds like Bubba is not only a jerk himself, but a racist too? Against ALL Europeans? Wow. That's impressive. I wonder why I haven't run into any French or Italian Posenjaks.