Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Little Guys Eyes - by Linz

Elliott and Wesley have been interested lately in a show called Little Einsteins. The cast has four characters, but only two seem to stand out to our boys...June and Annie.

A few weeks ago Elliott told me that he liked June the best becuase she wore a pretty dress. Today, Wesley was talking about the other girl, Annie. I asked him if he liked her and he said "yeah, girl, cute girl." They start so young!

Elliott's Girl

Wesley's Girl

Even as I was working on this post, Elliott came up and said, "I like the one on the top the best, the one in the green"

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Real Snow! - by Brad

This morning we awoke to 3 inches of snow! It snowed all morning long and now we are at 5 inches! I guess this is technically the second time it has snowed, but the first one didn't really count.

After church this morning, Elliott and Wesley helped me shovel the driveway. Wesley didn't last very long because he REALLY doesn't like to be cold. However, Elliott and I shoveled and played for an hour and a half.

After we finished the driveway, Elliott and I built a snowman. This was our first real snowman. Wesley enjoyed watching from inside.

If we only had another person, we might have been able to have our Christmas card photo today. Oh well, maybe some other time.

Wesley's 2nd... or is it 3rd? - by Brad

So, last night we celebrated Wesley's 2nd birthday.

It was actually his third birthday, but he is only two years old... you know, the 20th century is really the 1900's, blah blah blah etc...

...getting off my tangent... we had a Bob the Builder themed birthday. When I say "themed" I really mean a cake shaped like BTB's head, and Tonka toys strewn around the house.

Wesley received a light saber just like Elliott's, but blue. I am sure that these are going to be the cause of many bruises and fights to come.

So far, the birthday parties for our boys consist of our families. We enjoy NOT having 15 three year old's running all over the place and having to organize games and activities for everyone. It was an enjoyable evening with our families to celebrate Wesley life.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving - by Brad

Don't worry, this post doesn't have anything about "gifts," just ThanksGIVING. We went to Spokane to spend Thanksgiving with Lindsey's family. It was a nice relaxing couple days. It was also Wesley's birthday, but we are actually celebrating that this evening.

Wesley had fun showing off his newly found "Stinky Face" for everyone.

These are all of the grandkids on Lindsey's side.
Elliott, Ella, Eden, Wesley, and Amy Joy

Most of Elliott's posed pictures have a forced smile, but here, the kids were posing for a picture and instead of saying "cheese" the kids were asked to say "Star Wars!" It shows off his personality...

My favorite moment of Thanksgiving Day was the after-meal nap...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gifts - by Brad

As the holiday season approaches, I am reminded that it is better to give than to receive.

A few weeks ago, we noticed our neighbor's dog running around in our yard. A few days later, we notice a "gift" left by that dog. This morning, I went in our backyard (after not having been out there for a week or so) and I noticed about 7 gifts. Keep in mind that this is a German Shepard, not a beagle.

So I get a small garden shovel and start flinging them on the lot next door. [Don't worry, it's a vacant lot without a house built yet.] The little man standing on my left shoulder tells me to fling it in our neighbor’s yard, yet I resist. I didn't want to confront our neighbor over just one instance, but this is starting to get ridiculous. It seems like the dog is trained to poop in our yard. To anyone who has a dog, any advice is appreciated... my preferred method is apparently illegal.

Also, at the beginning of this week, I notice the first deer of the season trekking across the hill behind us. I had been watching for them since August, so this was pretty exciting. Last winter, we saw several deer right in our backyard. At that time, we just had dirt for our yard, so it was neat to see deer gifts all around. Now that we have grass, it isn't so cute.

The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Star Wars - by Linz

Elliott and I spent the morning working on a "Star Wars Book." Elliott has been really excited about all things Star Wars for about a year now. I described how to draw the guys, and told him how to spell their names. He told me what color of hair they had and what color of light-saber they needed. He's quite the pro! The end result was so cute I thought I would post it for all to see!

"STAR WARS" with spaceship

Darth Vader

Anakin and yoda

Qui-Gon and a yellow spaceship

Darth Maul (two-sided light saber included)

Obi-Wan and "Roger Roger guy"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Open Wide - by Brad

As you might have noticed, I spent a little bit of time today redoing the looks of the Bjournal. I enjoy dabbling with html, so I had fun trying out different colors, backgrounds, and other minor changes.

I also found out how to remove that blogger bar that used to be at the top. In case you are interested in doing the same, I found the instructions for editing your template

On to the subject of this entry's title...

Wesley and Elliott were coloring with felt markers the other day, and this is what happens when you EAT the black felt-tip!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

40 Years - by Brad

Full retirement age is currently around 67 years old. I just realized that means I have to work for 40 more years!

In other words, when our last child goes off to college I will still have to work 20 years before I retire! [Yes, I am assuming that Spencer will be our last]

Also in 40 years, we might still be waiting for Lindsey to blog again!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Ebay - by Brad

We have purchased a few things off of Ebay over the last few years... and I'll admit that most of what we purchased was not as cool as we expected. Anyway, we recently decided that we should get on the other end of these auctions, so in the last past couple months we have SOLD a couple things on Ebay.

The first item we sold was a four year old VHS video camera that we bought to take videos of Elliott when he was born. We have hours of video of Elliott when he was a baby, but not so much of Wesley... I hear that is common with second (and third) children. When the auction was all said and done, we were pleasantly surprised with how much we got for it.

That went pretty smooth!

The next item we put up for auction was our five year old Canon Rebel film camera. We were satisfied for how much it sold for... however, we didn't get paid for it (don't worry, we didn't ship it either). The person who won the auction said that he lost his job THE DAY AFTER he won the auction. How convenient! After a few light email exchanges with him (it is a binding contract after all), I decided to relist the camera.

There were two hours left on the auction, and one bidder... let's call him "Bubba" for now... had a minimum bid outstanding. In the last hour, two other bidders had a little bidding war up. [Bubba did not win.] Right after the auction ended, the purchaser sent me an instant payment through Paypal. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised, and it all worked out for an extra $30!

However, I then received an email from Bubba saying... and I quote, "Is it a coincidence that like your name the guys that ran up the bid are also european names???"

It took me a second to understand his odd sentence structure, but I then realized that he was accusing me of cheating by running up my own bid! I was somewhat speechless, so I just replied, "Apparently so. Thanks for bidding!"

Then he sends me back another email that saying... and again I quote, "JEANDOBLY...........JERK."

I have no idea what this means (except for the jerk part), but I hope it's not derogatory since I posted it on my blog. Anyway, I wanted to send back another email explaining that HE was one being a jerk, but I decided to let it drop, so I didn't respond.

If Bubba happens to stumble across this blog when searching for my last name, I would like to know what you meant in your latter email.

Or... maybe I don't.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Misc. - by Brad

Lindsey is on a little vacation this weekend. All the ladies in her family get together in Leavenworth to have a quilty-crafty good time. So... I am here with the boys today, and I thought I would post a few pictures.

We purchased the Lego Star Wars videogame for Elliott's birthday, so he has been entirely obsessed with that lately. It is starting to drive us nuts, so we are having to limit the time he can play it to about 30 minutes a day. Anyway, he talks non-stop about all the characters, especially General Grievous and Darth Maul. Hmmm, I think those are both bad guys.

Guess what? It snowed here yesterday! [ha ha ha - to all you Portlanders who read this]

It snowed all morning long. However, it was pretty wet and it didn't stick around very long, but the boys had fun watching some silver dollar sized snowflakes!

I am not really sure what's going on with Wesley in this picture. Maybe he's watched too much Star Wars and thinks he can use "the force". Lindsey doesn't recall taking this picture, and Elliott says that he didn't, so I am not sure the story behind this one. I think it's funny anyway.

Pumpkin Carving - by Brad

Last Sunday, we bought a couple pumpkins so the boys could carve them for Halloween. Elliott was very excited to carve a "scary face", while Lindsey was trying to talk him into carving a "funny face". After a little coaxing, Elliott got his hands dirty and helped remove the pumpkin goo.

Wesley, on the other hand, did not enjoy touching the cold pumpkin goo. I think we actually have a picture of him whining about it. Rather, we caught him EATING the pumpkin top!


Lindsey was excited about a star pattern that she saw in a Martha Stewart article. This was the first pumpkin she ever carved!