Friday, October 27, 2006

Fun with Numbers - by Brad

At our church youth group on Wednesday, one of the high school guys shared a spiffy number trick with me. Take any three digit number, multiply by 7, multiply by 11, and then multiply by 13.

Do you notice anything cool about the result?

Come on... don't read any further until you try one!

At first I thought it must have taken a mathimatical genius to have figured that out, but then I noticed that 7 x 11 x 13 = 1001. Multiplying by 1000 adds three zeros to your three digit number. Then you add the three digit number on top of those three zeros. You don't fool me Mr. Not-So-Mathematical-Genius-Man!


I finally got my junk email folder operating correctly at work. So for the fun of it, I didn't delete a single junk email since last Friday at 5:00.

I know you are wondering, "Just how many junk emails did Brad receive in 168 hours?"

The answer is...


In other words, over the last week I received one junk email every 13 minutes.

Okay, so I am just a big math nerd. Stay tuned next week for...
Fibonacci's Sequence!

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