Thursday, September 21, 2006

Chicken Nugs & Two-Faced Amphibians - by Brad

Well, I have been busy lately running around to conferences, training and what-not. Since I finally have a few minutes, I decided to post a few pictures from the last week.

Here is Wesley, I am not sure what kind of face he is making, but he really likes his hat that we got in Lincoln City. Yes, he is also sporting a chicken nugget in his right hand. We have a couple other pictures of him smiling with his hat on. However, the pieces of chicken nugget stuck in his teeth are not the most attractive.

The boys enjoyed staying in a hotel. Mom enjoyed the Starbucks next door, and apparently Elliott did as well.

After my conference, we visited my sister's family and went to the Reptile Zoo in Monroe. Elliott got up the nerve to hold a snake. I forgot what kind of snake this is... so extra credit points to anyone who can figure it out from the picture.

And finally... the two-headed turtle was one of my favorite features of the reptile zoo.

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Brazenlilly said...

Hey good to have you back in blog-world! And way to train up your child in the way he should go with the Starbucks and love for reptiles. They'll be "manly-men" for sure.