Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pirates II - by Brad

Lindsey sent me an email today after she read an online article (I assume) about odd baby names. There was one couple who named their child Pirate, so she asked me what I thought of that name.

Maybe we could stick with Spencer, but use Pirate as his middle name.

Spencer Pirate Posenjak.

On second thought, it would probably be difficult to take myself seriously when I am scolding, "SPENCER PIRATE... come here now!" I don't think I could be very stern if everyone started laughing when I said that.

It sort of reminds me of a name I heard my family joke about when I was growing up... Prunella Penelope Posenjak. I think that it was joked about as a name for my eldest sister, but I am not quite sure on the story behind it... I wasn't the most observant child in the world. Too bad we are not having a girl, huh?



Peaby said...

I'm still down with Clive Staples Posenjak.

C.S. Posenjak

or how about

J.R.R. Posenjak

Brad said...

I think I'll let you keep Clive Staples for your first child.

Anonymous said...

Yo. Congrats on your third male child my friend. Let the "I'm a real man because i can produce males" jokes begin. And just to put my three cents in... I still like Spen-Dar the best. If you ever decide to put it to a vote, I'm sure that Spen-Dar will win.

Caleb Posenjak said...

holy crap,

so let me catch up on about 10 years or so of not talking to "family".

congrats for object 1,
congrats for object 2,
congrats for incomming object 3.

happy for your good times,
sad for your bad times.

that about covers it.

man, i think the last time i saw you was for a thanksgiving or something 8-10 years ago where our families were having it out and we all piled into a car and listened to offspring just to get away from them.

how are the massive swarms of northern bound posenjaks doing?