Friday, July 28, 2006

Spontaneism - by Brad

We were planning on staying home from Creation yesterday, but around noon, Lindsey was feeling spontaneous and wanted to take the boys to the Gorge again. I am amazed at how much Elliott picks up during the sermons. There was one point where the speaker said, "Everybody close your eyes with me... and look inside yourselves..." Immediately Elliott turned around and said, "I can't see with my eyes closed!"

Same goes with Wesley. There was a speaker whose catch phrase was, "when the world says 'no way', we say..." and then everyone shouts "Yahweh!". Wesley caught on pretty quickly and would just say "no way" every time instead of "Yahweh". I hope this doesn't mean he is going to be rebellious later.

Today Lindsey's sister is watching the boys, so we have the whole day there to ourselves. Tonight is Thousand Foot Crutch, David Crowder, Third Day... and oh yeah... Superchick!

Anyway, here is a bonus picture from last night. Wesley had fun spraying me with water.

And we're off again...


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes dude. That "No way Yahweh" guy wasn't Bob Lenz was it? He spoke at a camp I went to in like my Freshman year of High School. That's insane.

Brad said...

Yup, that was him. Apparently he was at Creation last year, but it was the first time I heard him.

He must have made an impression on you if you still remembered his name!