Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Fuzzy Memories - by Linz

Last night we spent the evening watching videos of Elliott and Wes. I don't think we have laughed so hard in a long time. I have fond memories of watching movies with my family when I was growing up, but there is something even greater when it your own kids.

It's funny what we think we remember.

For instance, I thought Elliott's crazy-hyper self was a new thing...not so. There were several instances when we would ask him to sing a song, or say a verse and he would just run up to the camera, arms waving and razz! He seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself. We did get a few sweet songs out of him and a great reciting of John 3:16...from a two year old, pretty cute!

The videos of Wesley were where most of the laughing came in. To be honest, we were laughing at him...his hair really. He had the worst baby hair ever. I remember feeling kind of bad for him and knowing that it looked funny. But evidently I didn't remember how bad it was. I know we talked about cutting it, but thought that might make it worse. In retrospect, nothing could have made it worse. I think Brad said "we ruined his babyhood with ugly hair." He also apologized to Wes a few times amid the laughter! Good thing Wes is too young to be offended. He has more than made up for the not-so-cute baby pictures since then!

There was one very short clip where Wes was in the high chair and Elliott runs into the picture carrying a toy golf club. He's headed straight for the high chair. Mom shouts "NO WAY", Elliott pauses and the camera turns off! That pretty much sums up Wes' first year of life.

So it was an enjoyable evening. It's fun to look back at all of the things that were worth pulling the video camera out for. It seems they still strike a chord with mom and dad!


Brad said...

It looks like we put a wig on our baby!

At least we will have some embarrassing pictures to show any girlfriends Wesley brings home!

Peaby said...

Wait...that's not a toupee?

Fooled me.

Anonymous said...

Don't let 'em give you a hard time, Wesley. Check out the link below and see what your grandpa does if you're less endowed in the hair department.