Friday, June 30, 2006

Harry Potter & the Pharma Spam - by Brad

Ever since my work email address was posted on our office website, I have been receiving numerous junk emails. The most common junk emails I receive are for… well, let’s just say… self-help pharmaceuticals. I am starting to believe that the self-help pharmaceutical companies are somehow behind these emails.

Seriously, are there really more than three people in the world who have ever tried buying these drugs from an anonymous email they received? [hmm, I so can’t believe that I started out my sentence with “seriously”… what-ever!]

This makes me think that this is just a big advertising ploy by the self-help pharmaceutical companies. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I did learn from some marketing classes that one of the largest aspects to marketing is name recognition. For example, I heard that Coca-cola has a marketing goal that every person will see their logo at least three times a day. This doesn’t mean that they need to think, “Ooh, I want to drink some Coke.” Rather, they hope that when the time comes for someone to buy a soft drink they will recognize the Coke label and automatically go for that product. [I am no way tying a connection between Coca-cola and the self-help pharmaceutical companies.]

All this to say that if those pharmaceutical companies are not behind the junk emails I receive, then they sure are receiving a huge amount of free advertisement. [not that I plan on partaking or anything]

Also, has anyone else notice the odd text that they add to some of these junk emails? It seems that they are out of some poorly written novel. I assume that the additional text is just there to fool junk email blockers, but come on spammers, give me something interesting to read! Is this the best you can do? I received the following text in a pharmaceutical junk email today at 10:47 AM:

Harry hardly dared believe her, yet his heart was lightening almost in spite of himself. That dream I had about your dad and the snake, though -Harry youve had these dreams before, Hermione said. You had flashes of what Voldemort was up to last year.

I looked up the characters and I am assuming that this is taken from a Harry Potter book. This could make an interesting blog game titled... "Guess the Self-Help Pharmaceutical Email Text".

Well, maybe not.


Peaby said...

Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Brad said...

I figured you would know. Here is another one I just got from a replica watch email...

Then, that night. botch barium "This place is turning into Grand Central,Paul said. Although Ian Carmichael would not have moved from Little Dunthorpe for all the jewels in the Queen's treasury, he had to admit to himself that when it rained in Cornwall it rained harder than anywhere else in England. "Did I say I wasn't going to start? Yes, here they were. I've upset you. I think maybe the tired old turd is going to win this one, my friend. She had done it, and all the time between then and now had been pain and boredom and occasional bouts of work on his stupidly melodramatic book to escape the former two. "For a moment, in his anger and dopey befuddlement, he had lost sight of the hazy, frightening concept inherent in that phrase pre-op shot. arbutus

Peaby said...

The Rogue Lover's Lady...

Just kidding.