Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Al Infinito, Y Mas Alla! - by Linz

I was at grocery outlet the other day looking for something special to use as a reward for Elliott keeping his pull-up dry at night. There is a great toy aisle full of bargains. It had to be a toy that Elliott really liked for my plant work. Then I saw it. A talking Buzz Lightyear! So I grabbed it up and set in the cart.

Here was the scenario: I showed Elliott the toy, which he loved, and explained to him that we would not be able to play with it until he could keep his pull-up dry all night for three nights in a row. So Buzz sat quietly in the cart. Elliott sat talking constantly about Buzz Lightyear and what would happen when he pushed the button and how he "loved buzz lightyear a lot!"

When we got home we set Buzz in the closet where Elliott could see it (so as to be motivated) but was not able to reach it (so as to increase the motivation)! I have to admit I was feeling pretty good about this plan.

After about two weeks, Elliott finally had 3 dry nights and was able to play with Buzz. Brad got up early with the boys on Sunday morning and I could hear Elliott yammering on and jumping up and down as Brad tore into the box and removed a ridiculous amount of packaging.

The moment was finally here. Elliott pushed the button and...


Brad: What?
Elliott: I think he said something about a machete.
Brad: Does this toy speak Spanish?
Buzz: Yo soy Buzz Lightyear!
Brad: I wonder if there is a switch to make him speak English.
Mom (from the next room): LAUGHING!

Somehow in the excitement of finding a great toy at a steal of a price, I failed to notice that this was a Spanish speaking buzz lightyear, despite the packaging which in retrospect should have made it quite obvious.

Fortunately, the plan still worked and it didn't bother Elliott a bit. He has spent the better part of the last three days playing with his new Latino buddy!


Roy B. said...

Outstanding story !! ;=) You all just keep us smiling over here at the OldBunches. We have a VHS of The Gladiator with Spanish subtitles that you can't get rid of - Jo thought she was getting SUCH a deal.

And congrats on the news about #3.

Anonymous said...

Great story you guys!