Friday, June 16, 2006

Additional Info - by Brad

So Lindsey and I were pretty much just set on two kids. About 6 months ago, Lindsey started wanting another baby. So after a couple months of convincing me…badda-bing, badda-boom… baby number three.

The timing will actually work out alright. Elliott and Wesley are two years and two months apart. If all goes as expected, Wesley and Baby X will also be two years and two months apart.

We won’t know if it is a boy or girl for about another 10 weeks. However, if it turns out to be a girl, we will call her Darcie… we have had that name picked out since Elliott. However, we ran out of boy names that Lindsey and I could agree on. Currently the number one pick is Spencer (it intially sounds a little nerdy, but it grows on ya). Any other suggestions are welcome.

So far, I have been calling the baby, “Baby X”. This seems a little impersonal, so I am thinking about changing the baby’s pre-gender-identification-name to Spendar (in tradition of the recent celebrity name combos such as Brangelina or Bennifer).

However, Lindsey thinks Spendar sounds like a Star Trek character. I think more of “Spendar – Conqueror of the Womb” [with a couple following grunts].

Maybe the name Spendar won’t stick. How about Darncer? Or Darspence?


Peaby said...

I like Spendar...I immediately thought of a character from He-man or something...

Spencer would be great. Jen and Trent liked that name too!

Linz said...

Maybe we should just name the baby Spendar!

Peaby said...

Okay - more options for Celtic/Gaelic boy names that can be first and last name:

Duncan (dark-skinned warrior)
Evan (young warrior, well born)
Fergus (of manly strength)
Irving (handsome, fair)
Scully (town crier)
Vaughn (little, small)
Teague (poet)
Sloane (warrior)
Murray (sailor)
Maddox (beneficient)

Vaugn Michael Posenjak...I kinda like it.

Brad said...

I don't know, if we named him Spendar, everyone would think that his name was Spencer, but with a speech impediment.

And Mike, didn't you already get a middle name tribute? One is just not enough for you, huh?!

Peaby said...

I have a big ego to support.

Brazenlilly said...

Yeah for the baby game! The slight nerdiness of Spencer is part of the charm, I think. It was one of our top four. I think Darncer is also tempting. I vote for asking Elliott, since he seems to have some fascinating insight on many topics.

Brad said...

When we first asked Elliott what we should name the baby, he said "Leafy". (I am not sure of the intended spelling though)

To me, Darncer sounded like a Reindeer name.

Linz said...

Elliott wanted to name the baby "leafy"...not sure why, but I don't think it's in the running!

Peaby said...

How about Leafy Erickson Posenjak?

Brad said...

Maybe we should change the baby's PGI name to Leafy?

Maybe that's better than Spen-Dar.

Brazenlilly said...

I do like Leafy for the PGI. Although will Elliott be disappointed when he comes out and suddenly everyone is calling him Spencer? Also, I want to backtrack a few comments to Mike's list and note that two of the names (Sloane and Vaughn) are from Alias and one (Scully) is from the X-files. Speaking of Scully, if you named your child "Town Crier" you are just asking for trouble.