Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend in Review - by Brad

This weekend, Mike and Becky came up to visit. We thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Here is the rundown of events:

Round 1 - Mike.
Round 2 - Brad.
Round 3 - Brad.

Halo 2
Round 1 - Mike.
Round 2 - Mike.
Round 3 - Mike, Mike, Mike.

Disk Golf
Round 1, Mike.
Round 2, Brad.
This comment actually belongs on Mike’s blog, but during round 1, he got a hole-in-one! It was quite impressive.

X-Men – Last week, Mike talked us into watching the first two X-Men movies so that we could all go watch X-Men 3 in the theater. So we watched a lot of mutants this weekend.

Hiking – We hiked up the hill behind our house. This time, I did not take a camera to lose (see

Music – We set up all our musical instruments and Mike played acoustic guitar, Becky sang, Lindsey played drums, and I played electric guitar. All we needed was an audience and someone to pay us money!

Eating – Of course the weekend included a lot of eating. I seemed to be in a perpetual state of fullness.


Peaby said...

Excellent weekend and an excellent review! Thanks for the hole-in-one comment...I'll pay you later.

Roy B. said...

I think I'm most impressed by the in-house band - and with Lindsey on the drums. Cool. Peaby needs to get back to writing music! (and what were Elliott and Wesley getting into while you all were jammin'? ;=)

Brad said...

The boys were asleep. We have the drums on the opposite side of the house, so if we close all the doors in between, they can't really hear it.

Peaby said...

yes...we rocked.