Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh Canada... - by Brad

Well, tomorrow at 6:00 am I fly out for a business conference in Montreal, Quebec. I am told that Montreal is a wonderful city so at least the city should be interesting.

The conference is for the 100th anniversary of the Government Finance Officers Association. What could be more fun than a thousand accounting-type folks getting together for seminars?

The thing I find comical is that at the opening ceremony, they are going to have Chris Isaak perform. Wow, with so many accountants in one room, that place is going to be hopping! I hope that no mosh pits form, or else someone might stab me with their pencil, or hit me with their pocket protector!

I am not really sure who Chris Isaak is, but according to Lindsey, he was somewhat big back in the mid-90's. Apparently she likes a couple of his songs. I honestly can't recall any of his songs, so he may not be my type of music, but they probably wouldn't get Metallica for this type of conference... darn sterotypical accountants!

Anyway, I hope I make it back in one piece! Au revoir!


Brazenlilly said...

Do you guys watch "The Office"? There was an episode a few weeks back when they were all at a conference and Dwight had to give a speech. His coworker tricked him into giving a speech that was originally given by Mussolini or Stalin or something. That room full of bored business men is what I'm picturing in Montreal. But then again, with Chris Isaak there, ya'll might turn into crazy CPA party animals!

Brad said...

Yes, you should have seen the crowd. There were probably 2,000 people watching Chris Isaak, and even during the popular songs there were probably only 200 people standing up clapping. It looked more like an audience at a high school choir performance!