Friday, May 19, 2006

Five Years - by Brad

Five of the greatest years of my life… five years of new experiences whether exciting, sad, joyous, amazing, frustrating, or peaceful… these have been the first five years of my marriage.

I have been blessed with many, many things, but above all of them, I have been blessed with a wife who constantly works hard to make our marriage and family better.

Lindsey, thank you for being such a great wife! I am excited to go golfing with you today!

[For anybody else reading this, golfing really was her idea… because she wants to, not just because I want to!]

Happy Anniversary Lindsey!

1 comment:

Peaby said...


Gee wiz. 5 years. I still have my throwing knives.

Beat him down on the golf course, Linz.