Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Favorite - College Memorabilia - by Brad

This is installment number two of the Bjournal feature "My Favorites". This was prompted by preparing for a church youth group event this Wednesday where we are taking our youth group to play disk golf at a newly constructed disk golf course here in Wenatchee.

This preparation included digging through a few boxes of my old stuff to find My Favorite College Memorabilia...

My frisbee golf disk...

This disk has gone through all sorts of treatment... from skidding across blacktop, to flying deep in blackberry bushes, to smacking directly into trees, and occasionally slapping into the chain link disk golf holes. This disk was the first golf disk I purchased, and I am not sure how it survived so many rounds.

Anyway, a little explanation of the pictures is in order. The underside of my disk displays my dorm room phone number. It was originally 375-7111. However, the second year, it changed to 7159 (thus the darker "59" over the "11"). Below the phone number is a sticker I received in the mail along with a guitar chorus pedal I ordered so that I could be like my roommate.

Finally, is the odd "Fork" artwork. This was created because it was my Half Life tournament name. I could say the name came from deep thoughts of a life journey in which I make decisions when I come to the fork in the road. However, I would be lying. Rather, it came from a quick decision where I needed an online name and there was a fork on my dorm room desk. Which, by the way, probably had not been washed for weeks... as I had a practice of licking my utensils clean so that I did not have to make the journey across the hall to wash them.

Ahh, college memories.


Linz said...

Just so everyone knows:
there is no more "licking utinsels clean" as saliva can't acutally clean anything.
College boys are so gross!

Peaby said...

Saliva can clean lots of things. For example:

Cuts/scrapes; spilled soda; greasy fingers; dirty golf balls; and of course - forks!!

Peaby said...


You bring tears to my eyes.


Brad said...

(in the voice of Corky Romano)

You guys want some Twinkies?

Roy B. said...

You'll love this, Brad. Have you been to the campus lately? Check out the picture at this webaddress -
(I wish I could post it in the comments.)

It's a frisbee golf "hole" on the hill between Academic Towers and the gym. If you can get to it you'll also see that some significantly great landscaping has been added since you was a kid.

Roy B. said...

Tryin' again.
The URL for the picture is

Roy B. said...

And again... it doesn't seem to like the long url with no breaks.

The last bit of the url is