Sunday, April 30, 2006

And Grass Shall Abound - by Brad

There is a place where dirt piles were once five feet tall...
where a little boy would climb those dirt piles swinging a mattock...
where a 60 year-old and a less-than-fit 26 year-old shoveled those dirt piles...
and where days of laying irrigation lines and sprinklers took place.

This place is our yard - and tomorrow it shall have grass! [If all goes as expected]

For Elliott, this will be bittersweet. He has enjoyed the dirt and was slightly saddened to see it evened out over the front and back yards.

Tomorrow we expect a truck with 6,100 square feet of sod to stop by our house and unload 12 pallets. We will lay out the sod ourselves, and then finally, after living here for 9 months...

We will have grass that I have to mow every week!

Somehow that doesn't sound as glorious as it should.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Toys & Gangs - by Brad

Here are some pictures from this last week.

Elliott has some toys called Kid K'nex. They are like the regular K'nex, but bigger. I am not sure who likes them better...


or... Dad...

(yes, I know I have a dopey smile... but oh, the sacrifices I make for this blog)

This picture is courtesy of Lindsey. Since the boys' hair is getting longer, she has been fascinated with the "faux-hawk" look. If you look close, I think you can see Wesley flashing his gang sign...

He sure has the punk look down.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a Masters - by Linz


Once known as "the best golfer never to win a major," Phil Mickelson is now ranked second in the world.

I am a huge Phil Mickelson fan. I know Mike will be reading this, so I will spare all the details and just say, "what's not to like about Phil?"

This is the second time that Phil has one the masters, the first was in 2004. 2004, was a bit more exciting as it was Phil's first Major and he ended on a birdie....much better than the bogey sunday afternoon. I however was robbed of the joy of watching Phil recieve the jacket in 2004. A hockey crazed cousin of mine changed the channel right after Phil sank the putt. So, seeing Tiger put the jacket on Phil was, for me, pure excitement. (There are lots of reasons, but for Mike's sake, we'll just say it was becuase I missed it the first time!)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hole #5 - by Brad

It is great to see that the disk golf course is still standing. The following picture is courtesy of Theodemos (at Bunch O'Blog Sr.).

Thanks for the picture!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blastic Boom - by Brad

Due to popular demand (well Jeremy Lee) here is another one of Elliott's picture sprees.

Side note: The title "Blastic Boom" is an Elliott-ism. His definition is, "when something goes fire".

For some reason, he brings out the tongue-sticking-outness in both of us...

Ooooooh, a candle...

Due to unpopular demand, the picture of Lindsey playing the drums has been removed. If you missed it and would like to see it, please make your requests via Lindsey.

And my favorite... a Lindsey-made apple pie... mmmmm...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Favorite - College Memorabilia - by Brad

This is installment number two of the Bjournal feature "My Favorites". This was prompted by preparing for a church youth group event this Wednesday where we are taking our youth group to play disk golf at a newly constructed disk golf course here in Wenatchee.

This preparation included digging through a few boxes of my old stuff to find My Favorite College Memorabilia...

My frisbee golf disk...

This disk has gone through all sorts of treatment... from skidding across blacktop, to flying deep in blackberry bushes, to smacking directly into trees, and occasionally slapping into the chain link disk golf holes. This disk was the first golf disk I purchased, and I am not sure how it survived so many rounds.

Anyway, a little explanation of the pictures is in order. The underside of my disk displays my dorm room phone number. It was originally 375-7111. However, the second year, it changed to 7159 (thus the darker "59" over the "11"). Below the phone number is a sticker I received in the mail along with a guitar chorus pedal I ordered so that I could be like my roommate.

Finally, is the odd "Fork" artwork. This was created because it was my Half Life tournament name. I could say the name came from deep thoughts of a life journey in which I make decisions when I come to the fork in the road. However, I would be lying. Rather, it came from a quick decision where I needed an online name and there was a fork on my dorm room desk. Which, by the way, probably had not been washed for weeks... as I had a practice of licking my utensils clean so that I did not have to make the journey across the hall to wash them.

Ahh, college memories.