Monday, February 06, 2006

Three Things - by Brad

Thing 1:
We had planned on getting to drive to Seattle to visit my newest niece on Saturday, but the pass reports called for some ugly conditions for our drive back. So we had to postpone the visit to Jessie. By the way, here is a picture of her...

Thing 2:
Saturday night, I received a phone call from a friend who purchased UFC 57 on pay-per-view. For those that do not know. UFC stand for Ultimate Fighting Championship. My interest in UFC started out in college, where we watched UFC 1 through 20 (roughly).

The only fighter that I recognized was Randy Couture. He was fighting the returning light-heavyweight champion (who was 12 years younger than him). After a good fight, he ended up losing by knock out. Then, during his post-fight dialogue, he retired. So there passes the last fighter from what I remember as UFC.

I probably shouldn't put a picture of a UFC fighter on the same entry as my niece, but here is Randy Couture anyway...

Thing 3:
Sunday afternoon. My motto this week was “High Hopes, Low Expectations”. My expectations were met.

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Peaby said...

I like things 1 & 2.

I don't like thing 3.