Friday, February 24, 2006

Foam Hand - by Brad

So I looked at the title of our Bjournal and noticed that it says logging the thoughts... of the FAMILY. So far, it has mostly been the thoughts of Brad with the thoughts of Lindsey peppered throughout. So here is a thought from Elliott.

Yesterday, when we were driving home from Target, Elliott said out of the blue, "I want one of those big pointy fingers." We finally figured out that he was talking about one of those giant foam sports-fan hands. So we asked him why. He replied, "I would put it on my hand and I could point where I want my brother to go". That's a true older brother.

On another note... I will be taking a week hiatus from bjournaling, for I am off to see the Bunches!

...or is it Bunchs. Do you modify a proper name to add the "S"? I assume you do, but it seems rude... as if the name isn't good enough to stand on its own. I know I have always assumed there is an "E", but have I been offending? Doh... here I go with my weird thoughts again.


Peaby said...

Let me take it from here...being a writer and a Bunch and all.

Bunch (the proper noun) is like bunch (the regular noun). I am A Bunch just like a bunch of grapes is A bunch. So "the Bunches" i.e. more than one Bunch (proper) is spelled the same way as "the bunches" i.e. more than one bunch of bananas.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oooo, Mr. Dictionary has to make it sound so fancy! As a former Bunch and English major as well, I would have said we're not offended by your modifying the name since it is proper grammar. Thanks for letting me pirate your blog. :)