Monday, January 16, 2006

We have all had those times in our lives that seem more fit for an episode of Seinfeld than for real life. This is the account of one such moment.

As Elliott, Wesley and I were walking into Target last week, Elliott started to veer off so I said to him, as I often do, "come here little man." (Side note: everyone always said that Elliott looked more like a little man than a little baby...hence the nickname, "Little Man") Well on this particular day, the nickname, which I had previously thought nothing of, became the subject of a sitcom-like moment. Just after my "come here little man" comment I looked up and there was in fact, a little man walking towards us. What are the odds! (I think the politically correct term these days is little people, so the nickname was just close enough to be misconstrued.) In situations like this the next thing you do is usually the wrong thing. So I gathered up my kids and quietly walked away.


Brad said...

I am proud of my "little woman" for finally adding her second posting. I am glad I wasn't with you for this experience!

Peaby said...

Oh no...That's no good.

Not to hijack you post...but that reminds me: There is a energy bar called "Tiger's Milk." Once I picked one up in the store and said to Eric in my best impression of Apu (from the Simsons) "Would you like to buy a Tiger's Milk." Then I noticed the two nice Indian people standing next to him.

Just pretend like it never happened!

Linz said...

Thanks for the story! To be honest, I think yours is worse. It was good for a laugh though and that makes me feel better.

Roy B. said...

Our daughter, Jen, was at our place this weekend with her 4 month old son and I was beginning to tell her your wonderful "little man" story - and she had already been here and read we just laughed together without even finishing the story. My goodness we do get around in these blogs.