Monday, January 09, 2006

Funny Name. Serious Sandwich. - by Brad

This weekend Lindsey and I drove to Portland to have lunch at Schlotzky's Deli. While we were there, we visited Mike and Becky. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. It was a very relaxing weekend. We played x-box, watched the entire first season of the Office, and I got to go skiing!

Then on Sunday, we went to Schlotzky's... and sat in the car because it was closed! Closed on a Sunday! If anyone reading this chooses to open a Schlotzky's franchise in Wenatchee, I will pledge my loyalty by eating lunch there everyday... but you better be open on Sundays!

So we had a change of plans and went to TGI Fridays instead. I ate so much I am still full today!

Yet, my mouth still waters...


Peaby said...

That sandwich looks tasty.

Thanks for making time in your restaurant touring schedule to hang out with us.

P-Jak said...

You know that you mean more to me than that sandwich! But that turkey jalapeno pizza... it's a close one!