Friday, December 09, 2005

Pachyderms - by Brad

For us, tonight dawns the first of many Christmas parties… one for work… two related to youth group… one with some of our friends… and who knows what else will pop up.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them.

My question: Are multiple Christmas parties just a “coming of age” type deal, or is there a growing movement happening? If it is the latter, then pretty soon, Santa’s reindeer will be replaced with white elephants. I don’t know, but Rudolf the pale-trunked pachyderm just doesn’t have the same ring.

However, having multiple white elephant gift exchanges does make it easier to rotate junk. If you get a purple ceramic kitten cookie jar at one gift exchange, you can re-gift it at the next and nobody is the wiser. You may have to hold on to that hat with built-in dreadlocks for a year. But then, by chance, if you happen to come out with a die-cast 1975 AMC Pacer, you have conquered all.

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