Friday, November 18, 2005

Space Travel - by Brad

Okay… this may make me sound crazy, but I am willing to live with that.

Over the last year, I have read many articles about space travel on CNN and MSN. You probably heard about the X-Prize last year for the first private-manned flights outside the earth's atmosphere. Since then, private industry has been undergoing extensive R&D to open up an entirely new service. Some companies have announced they will be starting commercial flights outside our atmosphere by 2008. One has even planned for a commercial tourism flight around the moon in 2010.

These trips are sure to cost millions the first couple times and will probably be quite risky. However, in 30 years, these trips will be safer and much more economical. Let’s see… in 30 years, I will be 55. I am excited that within my lifetime I plan to see the earth from 72 miles up. I have seen some breath taking scenery here on earth, but to be able to see God's creation from way up there - awesome!

I may not be able to afford a trip around the moon by then, but if I can, I will!

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MTT Publishing said...

I'll go one step farther. In thirty years, you may not only be able to go beyond the atmosphere, but maybe even to mars and the moon. This stuff is not as faraway as people seem to think.